Friends and family tell me that I am working too hard

I shortchange sleep

I lack self compassion

Can't find time to destress and feel guilty when I do

Join the Self-ish Masterclass Series to fix all of the above

Let's start unchecking the boxes

Early Bird Pricing Available


"Connect, interact and fellowship with like minded women and finally take control of your selfcare"

What to Expect

The Self-ish Masterclass Series will teach you to:

Work less and increase productivity (yes, it's possible!)

Selfcare without guilt or resentment

Reconnect with the relationships you've neglected (we're going deep into some selfcare) 

Sleep restfully

As Featured

Feel Good & Function Better

4 Virtual classes every Monday at 7PM

Live Q&A

Expert Coaching

Guest Speakers

A selfcare box with tools, resources and surprises for each session

Weekly replays

Class Schedule 7PM

January 30
February 6

February 13
February 20

Take Control of Your Selfcare NOW

Who Are We?

Koko's Louve is an all natural skin care brand. Our goal is to give you confidence throughout the day, especially those unannounced intense moments.

We intentionally use naturally derived ingredients that speak to the soul and awaken inner peace to keep you grounded throughout the day.

Selfcare is important to us and we take pride in encouraging you to feel your optimal best everyday.

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