This could be a nerve racking experience.

Imagine walking into a meeting and feeling on top of the world, not worrying about what your skin looks like when you meet new people because who you are on the inside finally matches your skin.


Butter Skin Bundle
Butter Skin Bundle
Butter Skin Bundle
Butter Skin Bundle
Butter Skin Bundle
Butter Skin Bundle
Butter Skin Bundle
Butter Skin Bundle
Butter Skin Bundle
Butter Skin Bundle

Butter Skin Bundle


Let's be real for a second.

No one is perfect!

There may be old scars from unkempt skin or problematic skin conditions, but with the right skin care it's possible to fill in the gaps of your confidence and turn your fears into possibilities.

Stop letting your skin insecurities hold you back.


Made 100% From Nature

The Butter Skin Bundle includes three powerful skin products made from natural ingredients that moisturize, heal and boost the radiance of your skin
For the most stubborn skin to the super sensitive skin and everything in between


Our whipped lavender butter is packed with nutrients that deeply moisturize and soothe your skin, making it the best remedy for a variety of skin conditions.

 A little goes a long way – this butter will make your pores say thank you for its ability to heal and soothe irritated skin, as well as prevent breakouts by treating acne from the outside in. It also helps calm stressed skin, leaving it feeling nourished and hydrated after every use thanks to the aromatherapeutic properties of lavender. Lavender's anti-inflammatory properties make it great for soothing and healing the skin, including irritated skin that’s reddened by bacteria.


Our whipped mango butter is moisturizing and nourishing, leaving the skin radiant and glowing.

Mango butter releases salicylic acid when it comes into contact with oxygen. Salicylic acid is a great exfoliator that works by softening a particular protein called keratin in the skin. This helps to remove the top layer of skin that has become scaly, irritated, and dry.

It is also formulated with coconut oil and shea butter to condition and hydrates the skin, while aloe vera soothes irritation and argan oil repairs skin damage. Our whipped mango butter also contains vitamin E and our signature blend of essential oils gives it a heavenly scent!


Our whipped shea butter is made with premium, unrefined shea butter to boost skin moisture and protect your skin from damages caused by the environment like pollutants. Whether you have sensitive skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or acne, or just want to soften your skin, this product can help you achieve radiant skin. It’s high in vitamin e and other antioxidants to help lock in moisture from the air.

The Butter Skin Bundle is for you. It’s made with wholesome ingredients that work to keep your skin moisturized, smooth, blemish free and protected from skin flare ups.

It melts on your skin, it's long lasting and absorbs quickly to do the job.

Our products encourage daily self care and the tools needed to get skin confident.


Hear from Celebrity Hair Stylist April B

Hear from Lois N.T

You deserve to feel confident with your appearance.
That is why today I am offering you to join Koko’s Louve Skin Revolution and eradicate your skin problems at an exclusive discounted price. 

If you are ready to get skin confident, this offer has what you need for intensive moisturizing action and they key to start feeling beautiful inside and out.

     More Testimonials

Excellent customer service and quick shipping- wonderfully packaged. I have had some dry patches appearing on my legs and after just a week those patches are going away. Definitely will try more of these product!

Candice H

I absolutely love my shea body butter. Not too oily like others I have purchased. Works wonders for my skin especially in the winter


Ordered the lavender- this product is light, absorbs easily with no greasy feel and smells DIVINE. Arrived as stated in order and packaged optimally so that it did not melt en route to my address


I’m amazed at how light and fluffy this product is. It absorbs so well I love it


The foamy texture makes this a joy to squish between your fingers and the thoughtful blend of oils leaves my long-neglected skin with a beautiful Sheen. The light fragrance is subtle and more sophisticated than bath/body works sweet. Highly recommend


I usually don't go for food scents, but this mango scent is the best. Not too strong just leaves me feeling & smelling good. My skin continues to thank these products

Lois Fredrick

I fell in love with the butter texture and fragrance right away. The butter was slightly fragrant and left my skin feeling clean but not dry


I love the whipped Shea butter! it is so moisturizing on my skin and last all day It feels great on my skin I also love how it smells

Lois Fredrick

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About Us

Our goal is to give you confidence throughout the day, especially those unannounced intense moments. How do we do that? Our products do more than just nourish the skin. We intentionally use non-toxic ingredients that speak to the soul and awaken inner peace to keep you grounded throughout the day.

The Butter Skin Bundle contains several hand-picked superfood ingredients that work exponentially to promote healthy skin, improve your overall existence and enhance the daily self care experience.

If you are not satisfied with your Butter Skin Bundle. We offer a money back guarantee.

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