Why We Get Eczema and Tips For Treating It

Most of you probably know the story of Koko’s Louve began because I wanted to treat my kids’ eczema. I want to highlight this common skin condition for a bit.

Eczema surprisingly originates from the Greek word ‘ecksin' which means to boil over or break out. It's a common skin condition that isn't contagious but causes cIt's astonishing to find out that eczema affects up to 15 million Americans, and infants are prone to it. It affects both males and females and is more common in people who have a personal history of food or environmental allergies.

Most doctors will probably tell you that it begins in childhood, but anyone at any age can get it. But someone is at high risk if the person is a female, African-American, or asthmatic. Let me just point out that eczema isn't a uniquely African-American problem; it can affect anyone.

What exactly does eczema do to the skin? For one, it damages the skin barrier function that’s essentially the glue of your skin and makes it more sensitive and prone to infection and dryness.

It is caused by a combination of immune system activation, genetics, environmental triggers (like exposure to smoke, harsh soaps and fabrics, and dry air), and stress.

Eczema starts as itchiness and redness and can show up anywhere on the skin. In teens and adults, it’s found on your hands, ankles, knees, feet, and around the eyes (that one is not to gross you out).

But to keep things short, the symptoms of eczema include dry skin, itchy skin, bumps on the skin, crusty skin, and swelling.

Because you have control over your environment and stress levels, eczema can be contained and even avoided.

There are tips and ways to be mindful of especially as we get into chilly and dry weather.

They include: using a humidifier in case of dry air, moisturizing skin with a cream or ointment (like our Shesational Butter), using lukewarm water, mild soap, and dressing in cotton.

Another key step to take is to establish a Skincare Routine that keeps skin irritation and eczema at bay.

Speaking of moisturizing with a thicker cream, what is the Shesational Butter?

Shea Butter is nicknamed the ‘tree of life andMother Nature’s Conditioner because of its softening and moisturizing properties.

You must be wondering why I use these adjectives for shea butter. Because it contains linoleic, stearic, and oleic acids that balance oils on your skin and also contains vitamins A, E, and F that promote circulation and healthy skin growth, triglycerides that nourishes the skin, and cetyl esters that lock in moisture.

It’s an amazing solution for sensitive skin. It soothes and conditions the skin like no other, especially during the winter months.

And there are loads more! It is also good for natural hair; it nourishes the scalp, prevents hair breakage, and stimulates growth.

Click the link to our Sheasational Butter to get the richness of shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil.

Have a nice day!

Koko’s Louve.


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