Shower Goals

Selfcare Shower Goals

Taking a shower is a great jumpstart at the start of the day and great way to unwind after a long day.  Let’s take it up a notch and create the ultimate shower experience for self care!


First up - Set the mood!  Pick your favorite soothing songs or sounds to play while you're sudsing up. You can even make a playlist specifically for your shower time to really elevate the experience.


Then Dim the lights.  Soft, warm lighting sets the mood for a relaxing shower experience. Consider adding a dimmer switch to your bathroom lights, candles or string lights to create a cozy atmosphere.


Next Check the water temperature.  You need to get the water temperature just right and warm water is perfect. Cold water feels good, but it isn't relaxing.  Hot water can disrupt the skin's natural balance of moisture, robbing you of the natural oils, fats, and proteins that keep skin healthy


Finally, Aromatherapy.  Adding essential oils to your shower routine is a game changer.  Our proprietary scents soothe your soul.  From calming lavender to our most popular scent,  Always Sunny. You'll feel like you're in a spa in no time.


We are all about natural products, and our bodywash is no exception. Our body wash is made with argan oil and flaxseed.  It will leave you feeling relaxed and grounded, without any harsh chemicals or toxic additives. 


And for a limited time only, get 50% off your purchase of our body wash with code "Bodywash" at checkout.


Use these tips to create the ultimate self care oasis in the shower. Remember, taking care of yourself is important, and our all natural product line is here to help you do just that.

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