Skin Care Essentials for Summer Travel

Summer Travel Essentials

It's summer, Babes!!

You've been planning this trip forever, and apart from having the time of your life, you also want to look your best.

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

First of all, it's important to remember that you, not your skin care routine, are on vacation. If you want to look your best, now's not the time to start slacking.

Here are a few tips that deserve highlighting:


Because yes, we want the sun bouncing off, not burning up our skin and we're most likely going to be out in the sun a lot.

We know that the sun and it's UV rays did NOT come to play these past few years, especially as the climate is ever changing, and not for the better.

Make sure you don't start off your trip looking like the sun itself and come back looking like.................well, I'll leave that sentence to you to complete.


This point may be a little dependent on your skin type, but it's still wise to make sure if you're going to be out having fun in the sun and sweating and what not, you don't want your skin (especially your face) to get too greasy quickly.

Because apart from the break outs that may result from too much oil, there’s the heavy sweating and so forth -- we don't need that. Not on vacation, of all times. It's best to keep things light and just reduce at least, the chances of things going sour.


It might not be so easy to keep up with an elaborate skin care routine, as much as you may want to, when you're distracted by all the fun you might be having. And as important as it is to not ignore some of the key things (as I mentioned earlier), it's nice when you have an essential that actually ups your glow without having you do too much.

A good serum is an easy on-the-go part of skin care routines. You don't have to "let it sit for fifteen minutes" or use cotton pads or anything, to get results in a short time. It gives you the glow you're looking for, with little effort. If you're looking for a great serum to add to cart as you head out on the road, you might want to try our Red Raspberry Seed Glow Serum, rich in anti-aging and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Its star ingredient, red raspberry seed oil, contains antioxidants, vitamin A and E, essential fatty acids and even offers protection from some of the sun's UV rays!

It's also non comedogenic, meaning it won't clog your pores. It's the perfect choice for keeping acne at bay while giving your skin the shine it so deserves. It balances out your skin's natural oils, so it absorbs excess oils and leaves your skin feeling not too dry, and not too greasy.

It can also serve as a great toner and mak-up remover, especially if you’re planning to get all glammed up for most of your trip.

You want to capture moments and memories that you can go back to and go "who's that hottie"!! Remember that at the end of the day, after a great face beat, your skin needs to breathe.

One of our customers had this to say about the serum:

"I have been using the Red raspberry seed glow serum since 2020 when it first launched and it has been a game changer for my skin. I love how healthy my skin is now. Before, I was prone to adult acne and suffered from dry skin. My skin is at its healthiest and looks more radiant and beautiful".

As you head out to have the time of your life this summer, I hope this will be a reminder to give your skin the best time too!

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