The Game Changer To Level Your Self Care

Let's get to the point.


If you are not using a jade are missing out on an almost life changing experience.  


Jade is known to have spiritualenergetic and therapeutic properties.  


Spend a few minutes everyday decompressing and destressing with a face massage.


Stop spending 100s of dollars on a facial massage -- when a jade roller is practically free in comparison


The Benefits

  • Lymphatic  Drainage
  • Tighter Facial Skin
  • Depuffs
  • Improved Circulation
  • Eases Muscle Tension in the face
  • Products absorb better in the skin


How To Use

  • Jade is cool to the touch, for a real guilty pleasure store your jade roller in the fridge
  • Use it on a clean face
  • Apply with a non-toxic serum or moisturizer 
  • Roll Gently, 10 - 20 strokes on each section you want to target
  • Roll from the center of the face outwards - rolling fluid away from your face and toward lymph nodes will stimulate the system to drain the fluid
  • Follow your contours - for best results and skin health, move in the direction of your natural contour 

***Use daily for extra Louve and Self Care 

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