Confessions Of A Self Care Company

I Have A Confession To Make


Before the pandemic I was very passive about my self-care routine. 


Not Anymore

"Not enough hours in the day" no longer an excuse.  Self care is now a daily priority for me.


Yass, "I did that"

How do I make it happen?



What do you do when you go on a date ?  You set time aside.  You get ready -- you get all pretty, and you make sure your immediate obligations are taken care of. 

Most, importantly, you look forward to it.

Let's get into it Queen!

Tips to Help You Get Ready For A Personal Date:

1.  Put it on your calendar - Do it "On  Purpose"

2.  Set your alarm as a reminder

3.  Lock the door, if suitable

4.  Have your favorite drink that relaxes you  (no judging)

5.  Put on relaxing music

6. Learn to say "No," it's ok

7.  Make it intentional

In due time, anyone that stands in the way of your self care will understand (including the little ones) that "your time" is important to you and they should go "on pause".  

I hope this helps.

Have an Amazing Day Queen!!

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